Nick and Sumer Peak Moments - Engagement


Congratulations to Nick and Sumer!

Their Peak Moments Story:

We met over the summer of 2020, I knew immediately she was the one.

Fast forward to July 17, 2022, a last min change in plans, we decided to hike a new area to us, which led us to a lightly traveled and secluded peak . I decided that it was the day. We had perfect weather and we hiked all day and didn't see anyone until we were almost to the peak. I spotted another couple nearing the peak ahead of us and knew I had to catch them before she knew what was about to happen. So I practically ran up the last 300 feet of elevation gain to catch them before they began their descent. These people probably thought I was needing emergency help with how hard I was breathing, but they were amazing help and took some great photos for us. 

Sumer was was so surprised. It was the perfect day.

Their Experience at Thollot & Co.:

Everyone was so helpful and patient. We went from a designer ring, to finally a custom ring. Thru all my questions, revisions, ideas and uncertainty they were amazing. The ring ended up so unique and so much better than I could have hoped for. She's absolutely in love with the design and all her friends agree it's 100% prefect for her, and the hidden birth stone is also so cool.

Thank you for making the process easy for me, and to design the perfect engagement ring.