Lab Grown Diamonds

Loose Lab Created Diamonds in Various Shapes, Colors & Cuts

Who can tell the difference between lab-created diamond rings and natural diamonds? No one — not even GIA certified gemologists — without expensive specialized equipment. Thollot & Co. carries a wide array of the very best lab created diamonds in the cuts, colors and shapes that will make her eyes light up at prices you’ll love.

What is a Lab-Created Diamond?

All diamonds require heat, pressure and time to create their brilliant layers. Natural diamonds
take thousands of years to develop in the earth, but lab-made diamonds undergo the same process more quickly in a controlled setting. Lab created diamonds have the exact same
chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds, but they tend to cost less because they are not rare like those found underground.

Whether they feature a natural or a lab created diamond , rings from Thollot & Co. feature the
same components of cut, clarity and carat.

Find Your Forever Bling at Thollot & Co.

Start designing the perfect engagement ring for your love story by selecting the best diamond for your budget. Choose from our in-stock selection of the best lab created diamonds or search thousands of loose natural diamonds from our inventory.

Our diamond buying guide will help you choose the best match! Before making a final decision, get in touch with a Thollot & Co. diamond consultant to review your selection or book a private shopping experience.

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