Classic Diamond Must-Haves

Classic Diamond Must-Haves

Investment Jewelry Pieces: Classic Diamond Rings, Pearl Necklaces & More

Every woman should have certain classic jewelry in her wardrobe. A simple pearl necklace, an eye-catching tennis bracelet, a classic diamond ring — these are the pieces that never go out of style and elevate every outfit with elegance that is truly timeless. Jewelry in this collection embodies the heart and soul of Thollot & Co. artisans and designers.

Timeless Jewelry with Modern Style

Browse our Classic Jewelry Must-Haves for a modern take on the pieces women have loved for generations. A pearl necklace is the epitome of timeless fashion. We've updated that idea with the modern look of a sliding lariat that features a simple freshwater pearl. A diamond tennis bracelet says luxury like nothing else. Find the timeless jewelry piece refreshed with the warm glow of rose gold. A diamond ring makes an eternal statement, but our geometric diamond fashion rings go further with stunning designs that are truly eye-catching.

A Good Investment: Jewelry That Transcends Trends

Finely crafted investment jewelry is a gift to yourself that continues giving to future generations. Whether it's a modern version of a classic diamond ring, a pair of diamond and pearl earrings or a sumptuous Cuban-style diamond-link bracelet, your selection will gain value as time passes. Get insider info on how to choose high-quality stones in our Diamond Buying Guide, then make the smart move by choosing high-quality, handcrafted investment jewelry from the experts at Thollot & Co.