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Why is your cherished jewelry sitting in your jewelry box unworn? Are you concerned about who you can trust with your repairs? Are you hoping to find a jeweler who has in instore repair shop ensuring that your jewelry isn't sent through the mail to strangers? Are you concerned about the skill level of the jeweler who will actually work on your piece? Thollot understands your concerns and built our shop with you in mind...


Thollot's artisans are masters of their craft and experiened in every aspect of jewelry repair, restoration, and fabrication. We can work on repairs of all precious metal types. Our jewelers do the work that other jewelers say cannot be done and they do it meticulously.

Onsite Repair Studio...

All jewelry work is done on our premise by jewelers who understand that your jewelry isn't just gold, platinum, and is a story, a connection to the moments and milestones in your life. From inexpensive heirlooms to rare collection pieces, Thollot treats each piece with the care and craftsmanship we put into our own pieces. 

Security and Confidence...

Thollot has technology and photoimagery devices that were purchased with your doubts and worries in mind. We can easily take an image of the inside of your diamond to be matched with your diamond when it is picked up. You can leave our store with an image of your diamond on your phone to give you the comfort of knowing that we are focused on ensuring your exact diamond or gemstone is returned to you in the same condition it was left with us. Your jewelry is insured while it is temporarily in our posession.


Thollot uses pricing from the Jeweler's Blue Book of Repair Pricing ensuring that your price is based on industry standards and current metals pricing (not inflated or padded for extra profit). It takes only minutes for our skilled staff to give you an exact price and delivery time. Because we handle jewelry projects that range from simple to complex, we must see each piece of jewelry to quote pricing. This ensures you that no surprise or "bait and switch" pricing happens upon your arrival.  

Delivery Time...

Standard jewelry repair is promised to be ready in approximately a week, but it is often finished within days. More complex projects are usually delivered within 10-14 days. Additionally, Thollot offers an express service for same day delivery at a small additional fee.

Cleanliness and Organization...

If it is necessary to remove your diamonds or gemstones, Thollot's cleanliness and organization standards ensure that your piece and your small diamonds and gemstones are easily trackable during the repair process and returned to the correct piece of jewelry. While this is assumed to be true of all jewelry shops, Thollots takes extra measures to ensure the return of every large or tiny gem to it's correct piece of jewelry and to its correct owner.

Happy Customers...

It only takes a few glimpses of the fantastic reviews from clients who have reiewed Thollot jewelers online to see that we mean what we say and do what we promise. Check them out for yourself and then come and discuss your own repair or restoration project with us! 


Thollot reserves the right to refuse repairs for any reason. We hold our Artisians and workmanship to the highest standards, and will only work on repairs that we can warranty in the future. If a piece of jewelry requires multiple repairs, we recommend not wearing the item until all repairs are done and the piece of jewelry is back in like-new condition. See additional terms here.

Repair FAQS

You're welcome to come by our showroom to get sized as we're happy to help! If you're shopping with us from afar, we suggest contacting your local jeweler that offers free sizing.

Thollot & Co. considers numerous factors when determining the cost to resize a ring, as each element affects the materials needed and the time and labor necessary. Our repair experts are happy to inspect your ring in our showroom and give you exact pricing for resizing your ring. Schedule your appointment today!

Don't panic! It's very common for our fingers to fluctuate in size over time. Your finger size will likely change due to environmental factors like weather, water rentention and diet, and exercise. Salty foods can especially create inflammation.

The goal is to have your ring fit comfortably for the majority of the time that you're wearing it. If you're not sure if your ring is too big or too small, schedule an appointment with our sizing experts!

You may bring your item(s) to our showroom, where one of our repair specialist will make an assessment and provide you with a free estimate. Schedule an appointment today!

We do not offer any watch repairs or battery replacements.

Because of the high standards we hold our workmanship to, we can only work on gold, silver, and platinum jewelry. We are unable to work on stainless steel, alternative metals (such as tungsten and titanium), and other mixed or unknown composition materials.

With each piece being unique and each repair having its own needs, quotes for repairs cannot be given over the phone and must be determined with a hands-on inspection by our staff. The quotes themselves are free and require no commitment. Due to fluctuating material and labor prices, we cannot guarantee quotes for pieces not taken in for repair at the time of initial assessment.

Prices for repairs stand as quoted once the piece is taken in for work unless further work is found to be needed after take-in. If additional costs accrue (such as the rare occasion where we need to address tasks necessary to complete a repair that was not identified upon initial inspection) we will contact the customer for approval before proceeding.



Both Michelle and Kelsey provided exceptional and thoughtful care when we took our wedding rings in, after 31 years, to get them tightened up and cleaned! The rings are like new!! Actually they are better than new!!! They give you personal and family-like care. We also took some earrings in to get fixed. What an awesome company and we recommend them to do work on the smallest project to the most complex. They design and fix and have a gigantic display of rings and other jewelry.

Linda and Judd

I took a broken ring to Thollot Jewelers, hoping to have it repaired. It turned out that the ring was not repairable as a ring, however Richard came up with the idea to make it into a pendant. It is beautiful!!! Thollot Jewelers is the only place I will look to for my jewelry needs. They have great quality and great prices. Check them out. You will be glad you did.


Sarah was amazing along with Michelle. They took in several repairs and Sarah helped me find the most amazing ring/band/mounting, to set my not so great colored Diamond in, a setting that actually helped minimize the lack of brilliancy of color of the Diamond that I wanted to trade in but couldn’t. I was blown away by her quest to satisfy my wants and set my not so perfect, not so great colored Diamond, in a sophisticated and beautiful new band that actually detracts from the not so amazing, yellowy Diamond. I was completely satisfied at their non-judge mental work ethic and the stride they made to get me something I was so completely satisfied with! I will keep coming back to Thollot for all my jewelry repairs, upgrades and my future jewelry needs. They made me a customer for life. Thank you Sarah and Michelle for making me feel like even though I didn’t have the greatest Diamond, I had the greatest team to help me feel like I was getting one of a kind service and “a friend in the Diamond business” for the long haul and all my jewelry needs.


I had an amazing experience with this jewelry store. I went in to get my center stone tightened as it had come loose. Ended up finding an incredible wedding band I fell in love with in their estate section. I worked with Julie and Morgan and they both helped me immensely in resizing all of my rings, dipping the white gold to match and making my wedding set look brand new. I was so worried about sizing them properly and they did an amazing job. So happy with the result. Thanks ladies!