Getting Started

Having a custom piece of jewelry made shouldn't be expensive or intimidating! At Thollot, we help you get started with complimentary services so you have peace of mind. We know that if our designers are listening to you, the design will be spectacular and you will be excited to move your project into production.

Our clients have the comfort of knowing they will see a 3D prototype and visual renderings before making a commitment to the production of their design. Our no-mistake approach removes your worry and gives you the comfort and confidence you desire when creating a one-of-a-kind piece!

Thollot & Co.

Custom Jewelry Design

Thollot Master Artisans & skilled designers create high quality custom jewelry to become legacy heirloom pieces
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Custom-Made Jewelry
Designed By You

Custom-made jewelry brings unique joy to your loved ones. At Thollot & Co., we believe everyone deserves to experience the amazing process of bringing your creative vision to dazzling life. Our master artisans and skilled designers are delighted to help you develop the customized jewelry you’ve been dreaming about — without intimidating or overwhelming you with fancy jargon or daunting down payments.

What happens during your complimentary Consultation?

During your complimentary consultation, bring any heirloom jewelry you want to use in your custom design. If we are starting from scratch, we will discuss gem and diamond options and help you make the best decision for your dreams, budget, and lifestyle. Our designers will answer any questions you have and ask the right questions to ensure we understand your dream and are ready to start a CAD design.

How does the CAD Creation collaboration Process work?

Our onsite CAD architects will work with your designer to build the design you've envisioned. Our state -of-the-art software will create life-like renderings so your design appears as beautiful and detailed as your final ring will be. Your designer will email or text you these renderings and ask for your feedback. We will make necessary changes until it is exactly what you are dreaming of!

How can I know I will love every detail of my design?

Once the design is everything you are hoping for, we will create a 3D model of the exact ring design so you can try it on to ensure the scale and details are what you've envisioned and that you love everything about it. Any desired changes can still be made at this point. Once you approve the model, we move your design to production!

Let's talk Production!!

Exclusive to Thollot & Co., you have the option of coming in on a Saturday morning and working with our jewelers to melt and pour the gold into your ring mold. While not required, it is a unique and fun experience that truly connects you to your final piece of jewelry since you had a hand in making it! If that is not your thing, you can choose to let our jewelers do the casting while you watch or you can leave the entire process to us! After approximately 6 weeks, your final piece will be ready for the big reveal!

Be Inspired

Browse through our collections of one-of-a-kind Thollot custom designed jewelry pieces or send us a photo for inspiration.

Review the Elements

See our different finishes, shank styles, setting styles, engraving, patterns, etc.

Let's Collaborate

Collaborate with our designers and master jewelers to bring your idea to reality.

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Custom Jewelry Design FAQs

It all starts with an idea! We begin by discussing your design ideas, browsing gemstone options, and determining a time frame and budget that suits your needs.

We work with you to create the design concept for your one-of-a-kind piece. You will have the opportunity to see a 3D prototype and visual renderings before making a commitment to the production of your design.

After your design is approved, all you have to do is leave the work to us! Schedule your free custom design consultation to get started.

Having a custom piece of jewelry made shouldn't be expensive or intimidating! We're able to price our custom jewelry competitively because all of the work is done in-house. Pricing is based on gemstones, metal, and design complexity - pricing typically starts at $500.

Contact us today to schedule a free design consultation today!

Yes! We have a selection of lab created diamonds and natural diamonds to choose from in the store ready to go! More commonly, however, we source gems based on our client’s needs. We are able to narrow our search based on your budget, preferences, and timeframe. This also includes diamond alternatives such as colored diamonds, moissanite, and various colored gemstones. 

Bringing used, well-loved jewelry back to life is our specialty! Provided your gemstones are in good condition and free of any chips, defects, or damage that may compromise their ability to be set or used, you can absolutely use your existing stones. Feel free to stop by and talk with one of our custom jewelry consultants to see what we can make for you!

Every piece of gold has its own unique properties. The gold we wear is actually a composition of different alloys mixed together with pure gold in order to capture certain characteristics like color, strength, and malleability. Due to the unknown alloys that were originally used to craft your gold pieces, our jewelers are unable to reuse customers’ gold in new custom projects. Its unpredictability prevents the jewelers from safely setting stones or casting the gold.

Generally, the custom process takes around two months from start to finish although this isn’t true for all customs. Due dates for production pieces are not determined until the design is finalized and the customer puts a deposit down to proceed. The design process ranges in time depending on the number of iterations that we make to arrive at the final version. Once a design is finalized the production process is typically about 4 to 6 weeks. 

One of the most wonderful ways to personalize your new purchase is with a custom engraving. Our engraving specialists can add your heartfelt message in a number of different fonts and styles. Learn more about our Engraving Services.