Earrings for Women in Stud, Hoop & Dangle Styles with Diamonds & Gemstones

Diamond stud earrings for women are the epitome of timeless style. Browse this collection of yellow, rose and white gold earrings in a variety of contemporary and classic styles to find the perfect birthday, anniversary or graduation gift that’s always the correct size.

Gemstone & Diamond Stud Earrings

The demure profile of stud earrings never seems to go out of style. We’ve curated an impressive collection of gemstone and diamond stud earrings for women who want just a touch of bling. Choose natural mined or lab created diamonds in both simple and fancy settings on their own or combined with rubies, emeralds or other colorful gems. Plus, they pair beautifully with Thollot & Co. necklaces, bracelets and other fine jewelry.

Hoops, Threaders & Dangle Women's Earrings

Hang your hopes on the dazzling look of dangle earrings for an elevated aesthetic. Hoops in various metal colors take the form of large or small circles, from huggies to huge statements. Threaders are the most contemporary of women’s diamond earrings with a slim profile and lightweight feel. Dangle earrings bring serious glam to your look, whether they’re short and sweet or long and luxurious. Our designs feature diamonds, pearls, amethyst, citrine and other gemstones in drop bezels, chandeliers and other eye-catching styles.