GIA Graduate Gemologists • Insurance Appraisals

The term "appraisal" means different things to different people!

If you want an appraisal, you may be asking for either of these two options:

1) I need a written document to give my insurance company to insure my jewelry; or
2) I would like to know what you would pay me if you buy my gold or diamonds.

If you need an idea what Thollot buyers are willing to pay for your precious metal or diamonds, we do that! There is no charge for this service; just schedule your appointment for a gold buy or valuation today. Appointments are preferred for buying - you can also call ahead to make sure our buyer is in the office when you arrive.

If you need an actual written appraisal for insurance purposes, Thollot Diamonds & Fine Jewelry is uniquely qualified to appraise your fine jewelry and gemstones. Our experienced staff has the background and gemological training to do a professional job of evaluating the current value of your precious keepsakes.

While these items are priceless to you, it's important to remember that the value of the precious metal and gems that comprise your fine jewelry is constantly changing due to market conditions. Gold, for instance, has seen its value double over the past 10 years.

Accurate appraisals are important because if your jewelry is ever lost, stolen or damaged, your insurance company will refer to the appraisal document to settle the claim. An outdated appraisal will likely result in you being under-insured, and that could cost you thousands. An appraisal with a mapping or "plotting" of the inclusions inside your diamond will also allow you to identify your diamond if it is ever stolen.

We recommend updating your appraisals every three to five years. Whether it's an engagement ring you wear every day or a piece you've just inherited from your grandmother's estate, we're ready to offer an appraisal for your security and peace of mind.

The average price of appraising one piece of jewelry is $125, subsequent pieces are priced at $100 each. Of course, more ornate or complex pieces may require a bit more time. We can let you know an exact price when we see your jewelry.

At Thollot, appraisal appointments are set up for the first and third Tuesdays of every month and can be made in two different ways:

1) You can set up an appointment to sit with the appraiser while your jewelry is being appraised. In this case, we simply ask for a deposit before the appointment date.

2) If you would prefer to leave it for our appraiser to work on, no deposit is required. Your jewelry should be dropped off two days before your appointment and will be available for pick-up before closing on the day of your appointment. 

If an insurance appraisal is what you're looking for, click the button below to reserve your spot in our busy schedule!