Watch Battery Replacement

It's safe to say that most people dread the task of replacing their watch battery by themselves. The process demands a considerable amount of patience, keen eyesight, and specialized tools, not to mention the risk of damaging the watch, especially for those without adequate experience or practice. This is likely why you're seeking a reliable service to handle this meticulous task for you, Right?

What factors determine the price?

It's not the battery, it's the skill level and time it takes to do the job properly!

Up for the challenge?

If you enjoy tinkering and have the patience to practice, all you need is the right tools and a few tips!

Amazon Tool Kit

Retailing at $19.99, this complete tool kit has everything needed to replace watch batteries, change and size watchbands, and even includes extra parts (because these delicate tools break easily and must be replaced from time to time).

With practice on some old spare watches, you may become the family expert!

In order to prevent loss of tiny screws, we recommend keeping a magnet handy to hold them while you are working inside the watch

Expert Tutorial
Snap back/Screw Back Tutorial

Industry experts from Rio Grande Jewelry Supply demonstrate the techniques for changing watch batteries

If you're not ready for that job, we are here for you!

Thollot & Co. boasts a highly skilled team of master jewelers and watchmakers with extensive expertise in battery replacement for both Swiss watches and fashionable timepieces. Our battery replacement process requires a high degree of precision, and as such, we do not authorize sales associates to perform this task. You can rest assured that your watch will be in capable hands while under our care at our shop.