Yellow, Rose & White Gold Chains, Sterling Silver, Various Styles & Lengths

The chain collection at Thollot & Co. unleashes your jewelry wardrobe potential. Browse our fine selections of white, yellow and rose gold chains for women and men, alongside a variety of sterling silver chains.

Yellow, Rose, & White Gold Chain Options

Whether it’s a white gold chain for a man’s graduation or rose gold chains for women in your bridal party, these beauties are delicately crafted and adjustable. Our collection of gold chains for men and women make thoughtful gifts for any occasion.

Sterling Silver Chains for Men & Women

Browse an array of sterling silver chains with subtle flair in our collection. Add gem encrusted pendants for extra brilliance, or layer several chains for a modern effect. We carry chains in lengths of 14 to 24 inches.

Chain Necklace Style Guide

  • Cable Link - Classic and traditional, interlocked oval links of uniform size
  • Curb Chain - Updated classic look, uniform links have been flattened and twisted
  • Cuban Chain - Chunky profile, tightly interlocking twisted links
  • Figaro Chain - Unique and popular men’s look, links of varying sizes that have been flattened and/or twisted
  • Wheat Chain - Very strong, multiple strands of twisted oval links woven together
  • Twist or Rope Chain - Eye-catching and light-reflecting profile, multiple strands of metal connected in a twisting pattern
  • Paper Clip Chain - Contemporary look, elongated oval links that resemble paper clips