Adam and Michelle Peak Moments - Engagement

Adam and Michelle Rings

Congratulations to Adam and Michelle!

Their Peak Moments Story:


We first met in spring of 2002 yet didn’t start dating until late summer early fall of 2002. Michelle’s employer relocated her to Phoenix, AZ in early August 2007 and Adam remained in Colorado Springs working for the PD. We did our best; however, the long-distance relationship was challenging, so we went our separate ways. Although we went our separate ways, we continued to keep in touch, until 2017. At the end of February 2021 Michelle’s employer relocated to her to Denver.

After moving to Denver, Michelle began seeing “signs” bringing Adam to forefront of her mind. During this same period Adam was having conversations with family reflecting on their time from the early 2000s. At the end of March 2021 Michelle acted on the signs she continued to observe and reached out to Adam via FB messenger. Adam responded within minutes. From there…

o Facetime conversations begun and revealed neither were in relationship with anyone.

o Adam invited Michelle to Easter (the Sunday after initial contact). This is the first time seeing each other in person in 4 years.

o During April Adam and Michelle continued conversations getting reacquainted as friends

o The beginning of May, conversations turned into spending time together.

o Beginning-mid June, Adam made his intent known stating he didn’t want to date; we did that years ago.

We have always felt connected in our relationship, in our hearts, and that our connection comes from a higher level of being. Years ago, together we discovered the legend of the red thread, and we believe we are a testament to the “red thread of fate.” We were predestined by the red thread, having an important story regardless of time, place, or circumstances. This magical cord may tangle, contract, or stretch, but never break. The course for which our lives have traveled has spanned nearly 2 decades and reconnecting in early 2021 has revealed the thread (the connection) has not broken.

Conversations began regarding marriage and the search for rings began. We decided together that with our story tangling and stretching, but not breaking, we wanted to create our wedding rings. And in the design of our rings somehow incorporate the story of the red thread. We could not find anything that truly represented what we wanted. We decided to design our rings. During the search for a ring designer, Michelle found Thollot’s website and discovered they had a special process for designing rings.


Their Experience at Thollot & Co.:

One Saturday in early August 2021 we went to Thollot & Co where we met Troy and Joy. We felt a connection with them and knew we wanted to proceed in working with Thollot & Co to create our dream rings. We started right away by sharing our vision that included inspiration pictures along with our personal descriptions. We worked with their designer brainstorming, making significant changes, then numerous slight adjustments all the while he remained patient and committed to our satisfaction. Our process also consisted of having a specific vision for the center stone for each of our rings, for which Joy was dedicated to locating.

Our ring designs were 99% complete. There was something “missing” with the look of the rubies representing our red thread, an integral piece of the design. Preston, our designer, requested permission to make a suggestion for which we eagerly agreed. He took the renderings and incorporated his suggestion then put the renderings on the big screens. That was it!!! Preston’s experience in ring design took us to 100%! The only thing missing now was the center diamond for Michelle’s ring. We had to find the main diamond before moving onto the next stage.

It wasn’t until December 2021 that Joy reached out and said she believes she found “the diamond”. We scheduled a time to meet with her that weekend to inspect the diamond. Indeed, Joy found the diamond!