Say Thollot to your Maker!

Meet the Thollot Jewelers!

At Thollot Jewelers, we take pride in our accomplished, dedicated staff. Their level of experience allows us to make your dreams a reality and keeps our store running. We love to showcase the talented people who make our world go ‘round! Meet the inspiring individuals who fabricate your one-of-kind jewelry!

Moua Yang is a master jeweler from Laos whose training began in the refugee camps of Thailand. During this time, his grandfather trained him in fabricating processes with minimal resources that instilled Yang’s lifelong passion in jewelry. Having come from humble beginnings, Moua and his family were ecstatic when they were sponsored to come to the US in 1978. Moua took full advantage of the education and job opportunities available in Colorado, remaining in the state with a Local family who took him in when his family moved to California.

After graduating High School, Moua’s skills and passions grew from jewelry to stone cutting and American bench jewelry techniques. 30 years of experience differentiated Moua from other jewelers as he became known for his skillful and meticulous work. From the moment they met, Troy recognized Moua’s incredible talent and officially brought him on the team in 2014. He has been a crucial member of the Thollot family ever since.

Glenn Thollot is Troy Thollot’s brother and has been part of the team for 13 years. When Glenn moved from Ohio to Colorado in 2004, Troy brought him on board as an apprentice and taught him skills in metalsmithing, something that turned out to suit Glenn very well. During his 13 years in the industry, he has sharpened his skills, and can now handle any jobs that require the hand fabrication of any kind of precious metal. Glenn has worked at Thollot Jewelers longer than any other employee besides Joy and Troy themselves. His knowledge of the inner workings of the industry gives him a wealth of knowledge that he is always willing to share with our customers, and makes him an invaluable asset to the store.

Maggie McIntire is the newest addition to the Thollot team, and brings a lot of fresh ideas and eagerness to work with her every day. Maggie sharesthe home state, Illinois, and accreditations from GIA in California, with both Joy and Troy. Having mastered every professional course that GIA had to offer, Maggie initially practiced bench jewelry, jewelry design, and CAD design two local stores near her home in Illinois where she fostered a desire to strike out on her own. When she discovered Thollot Jewelers, she was eager for the opportunity to move to Colorado and applied for the position right away. The Thollots jumped on the opportunity to hire her, recognizing what a perfect fit she was for Thollot Jewelers.

Her move turned out to be a great opportunity, allowing her to test her abilities and hone in on her skills in a fresh setting. Maggie’s skills as a Graduate Gemologist mixed with her Graduate Jeweler Diploma make her an incredible asset in our industry and have made her an integral part of the Thollot team. Thollot looks forward to her bright future in jewelry!

Thollot Jewelers is proud to employ these talented individuals whose dedication makes all the difference to our customers. Next time you stop in, you’ll know more about the qualified and passionate jewelers that handle your unique pieces.

At Thollot we thrive on the custom design and CAD where our jewelers can turn your idea into reality. We love being able to provide the collaboration between customer, designer, and Master Jeweler. For the one of kind piece that you’ve already designed in your mind, book a free design consultation. Stop in today, we’d love to hear your story and start your custom adventure.