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In 2012, QALO’S owners found themselves newly married, loving life, and enjoying the “play hard” part of their new life together.

While appreciating what the traditional wedding band symbolized in their marriage, they found it to be impractical for those active moments that they shared together.

They looked far and wide to find a more practical ring.  One that they could add to their jewelry box that would allow them to showcase their commitment to their marriage while still catering to their active lifestyles. While they didn’t find the solution they were looking for, they did find that they weren’t alone in their frustrations. From the gym to the ocean and the court to the course, a more functional second wedding bad was in high demand.

From there, it became their mission to create a solution. After days of working through materials and evolutions of the ring, they found that a medical grade silicone wedding ring would be the answer to their problem and QALO was born.

Thollot Diamonds & Fine Jewelry now carries Qalo bands and is happy to offer them in addition to the traditional selection of wedding bands they offer. As a second band, Qalo is the perfect choice for the ”play hard” part of life!