Thollot Jewelers Issues Press Release and Offer to Help Victims of Recent Jeweler Fraud in Thornton

Thornton’s Most Trusted Jeweler, Thollot Diamonds & Fine Jewelers, to Offer Free Jewelry Inspections to all Customers of Local Jeweler Accused of Fraud

Thornton, CO - In the wake of new accusations of fraud against a local Thornton, CO jeweler, Thollot Diamonds and Fine Jewelry is inviting all patrons of the accused businesses to visit them for free jewelry inspections. As Thornton’s most trusted jeweler, Thollot is there for all those who have been defrauded with fake diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry parts by competing jewelers.

For customers affected and anxious about the news of fraud, Thollot Jewelers is dedicated to welcoming all and providing accurate information from jewelry professionals. For no cost at all, the GIA Certified Gemologists at Thollot are happy to take the time to inspect and educate afflicted customers about their jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones. Do not hesitate to stop by and ask their experts for a free inspection, the Thollot Family cares!

In a recent statement, Troy Thollot said, “I am appalled by the recent news that any jeweler would consider defrauding our community on purchases that hold such a personal and emotional place in their hearts. No one should have to worry that their hard-earned jewelry purchase, that represents the love they have for their significant others, could be fake. That’s why we test every diamond, gemstone and metal that we sell to ensure our customers know exactly what they are purchasing. We want the Thornton community to know that we are here for them and will do everything we can to help.”

To schedule a time to get your jewelry inspected or for more information, please contact us!