How Can I know I Will Get My Diamond Back After My Ring Is Repaired?

It’s your diamond, the one you wore on the altar when you said, “I do.” It’s the reminder of the commitment that has kept you together through the years, and it holds within it memories of your special beginning and lifetime together. Although diamonds “are forever,” the gold prongs that hold your diamond may be wearing away little by little with every passing anniversary. Now you are faced with the question, “Who can I trust with my diamond?”

We’ve all heard the reports of deceitful jewelers switching diamonds with lesser quality stones. We are left feeling defenseless and anxious about ever leaving our diamond with a jeweler. So, what are we to do?

At Thollot Diamonds, we understand that a few deceitful jewelers have cast doubt on all jewelers, and recognize that it is up to us to prove our honesty, not just talk about it.

Because every diamond has its own fingerprint; no two are the same. Each diamond has its own inclusions that are unique in nature, and those inclusions distinguish it from every other diamond in the world. Before you leave your diamond, let us take the time to show you the inner world of your diamond using our GEM CAM, a proprietary device that allows you to see your diamond under magnification and take a picture with your cell phone. With this picture, you record the specific "fingerprint" that is unique to your diamond alone.  This service is free, but very valuable to you as a diamond owner. Once you know your diamond, and can recognize its inclusions, you will feel the peace of mind of knowing that after it has been worked on, you will view it again under the same device to confirm those same characteristics.

Additionally, it is possible to make an appointment with us to restore your ring while you watch. We have invited many of our customers who are new to our store to take a seat aside our master jeweler as he does the necessary work to re secure your diamond in its setting. We also offer you the service of having your diamond permanently laser inscribed, while you watch, with a tiny engraving on its outer edge, visible only under magnification. No other diamond will have your unique inscription which can be anything you wish: a date, special name, Bible verse, or number which not only adds special meaning, but also the guarantee that it is identifiably yours.