Custom-Made Memorials: Transforming Your Sentimental Jewelry into Timeless Heirlooms

From Sentimental to Spectacular: Three Gold-to-Heirloom Transformations

At Thollot & Co., we understand the value of sentimental gold and the memories it holds. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to creating one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces that capture the essence of your unique story. With nearly 20 different design ideas crafted specifically for transforming sentimental gold, we pour our hearts into making each piece a unique and cherished treasure. Our talented designers meticulously craft each variation of these designs to ensure that your jewelry is not only stunning, but deeply personal to you. If you have a special piece of sentimental gold that has been sitting unworn in your jewelry box, we would be honored to help you bring it to life and turn it into a precious and timeless keepsake. Let's discuss the possibilities together and create something that you'll treasure for generations to come.

Martha's Story: Our Two Bands Transformed into One Precious Pendant

Two heirloom wedding bands transformed into an custom heirloom pendant

The Story: “My mom, Fay, gave my daughter Natalie her wedding ring after my Dad passed away some years ago and told her she wanted her to have it someday for her wedding ring.

Natalie gave me the ring for safekeeping. When she fell in love with her precious Ryan and he asked me for her hand (as my husband had passed away some years earlier), I told him that I had her grandmother’s band for Natalie. After much research, he brought the band into Thollot to let them look at it for repair and redesign. They did a beautiful job and she was thrilled to receive the new ring from him the night he proposed! There was some credit with the jewelers after the redesign and Natalie & Ryan wanted to give it to me to use. I had mentioned that someday I’d love to have my late husband Paul’s and my wedding rings made into a necklace somehow. Well, I finally took the rings into Thollot last month and picked out a beautiful design. Today I went to pick it up and it surpassed all my expectations. To see our two rings and the solitaire diamond from my ring made into a beautiful pendant was just the best gift ever!”  -Martha

Martha was kind enough to share her thoughts with us after she picked up her custom pendant. Wedding bands are heirloom pieces that hold special meaning and most people do not know what to do with them after a precious loved one has passed. At Thollot & Co., we have been privileged to have opportunities to design special memorial pieces that can be cherished and worn close to the heart for generations. In Martha’s case, we used both her wedding band and her late husband’s wedding band nested concentrically together and placed their engagement diamond at the base of the two circles to make a beautiful pendant.

Deb's Story: Late Husband's Nugget Ring, Wedding Band, and Diamond from Her Original Engagement Ring Customized into Memorial Pendant

Custom Memorial Jewelry Process: Wedding Bands to Pendant

In a similar situation, Deb brought her late husband’s nugget ring and wedding band to our store with a diamond that he had given her. Both rings were very precious to her, but a heavy nugget ring isn’t easily converted into a woman’s design. We melted all of his gold together and extruded the gold into a heavy rectangular wire with which we made concentric circles and placed her diamond at the base of the circles. Now she wears his gold in a gorgeous pendant close to her heart. Deb was so thrilled with the pendant, she brought in more of the jewelry gifts he had given her during their marriage so we could make matching earrings.



From Battle Scars to Beautiful: A Soldier's Wedding Band Transformed into a Pendant for His Beloved Wife

Wedding band converted into Custom Heart Pendant

As we sat in our cozy shop at Thollot & Co., a young bride entered with a tale that would touch our hearts. Her husband, a brave soldier, was deployed to Afghanistan without a proper wedding band. They couldn't afford a gold band, so he departed with a silver one that held immense value to both of them.

 But as fate would have it, he was wounded in battle and his precious wedding band had to be cut off his finger during his urgent hospitalization. Heartbroken, he sent the band home to his beloved wife for safekeeping since he could no longer wear it in its cut and damaged state.

 The devoted wife visited our shop with a beautiful idea in her heart. She wanted to surprise her husband with a true white gold band to replace the original silver one. It was a thoughtful and wonderful gift that we were honored to assist with.

 During our consultation, we were inspired with a great idea. Our talentedSide View of Curved Heart Shaped Pendant Made From Original Band designers and master jewelers collaborated to transform the old, beaten-up band into a stunning heart-shaped pendant that she could wear forever as a symbol of their gratefulness that he survived and came home safely. It was a privilege to hear his side of the story when he returned, and we were humbled to have played a part in creating such a meaningful heirloom piece.

We are forever grateful for the service of our brave soldiers and their families, and we will cherish the memory of this special project that touched our hearts in such a profound way.