Special event held twice a year

Five Days Only! * January 16th - 20th

* see FAQs below

Receive a $25 gift card when you come in for a scheduled appointment.

Get immediate payment or 20% more toward a purchase or custom design!

Thollot & Co. experts will sort, test, and weigh your gold and give you a complimentary quote for immediate payment and explain all of your options for trading your gold for a new piece!

Get immediate payment for certified and non certified diamonds 1/2ct or larger. Trade your diamond for a larger size and get 20% more value! All diamonds evaluated by GIA Graduate Gemologists.

Thollot & Co. buys all precious metal watches and most luxury watches. Choose between immediate payment or trade toward that watch you've been dreaming of!


Simply mention this event when you book an appointment on our regular gold, diamond, or watch appointment calendar. Book your appointment here: Gold Buy Event appointments

This is our specialty!! We will weigh the gold and give you a credit of 20% more than cash value to be traded toward a new piece. We will pull your gemstones and diamonds from the gold so you can work with one of our designers to design a new piece that is both sentimental and gorgeous! More information here!

No problem! Our GIA graduate gemologists and gold experts will help you sort through your collection to determine which pieces have cash value and which pieces are simply fun little fashion pieces. There is no charge for this service!

We will sort your collection and test what we can and set up another appointment to get into the fine details. Don't worry! We will honor the special event payouts for your follow-up appointment as long as your first appointment was scheduled during the event!

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