Memorial Jewelry

At Thollot’s, we realize how much you cherish the special jewelry pieces you have inherited at the passing of someone close to you. Though it is a difficult time, and a very sensitive subject, preserving memories in a piece of jewelry can be one way of cherishing the life of a loved one. 

Sometimes this tribute involves designing a new piece of jewelry to hold precious gems. Sometimes it is very important to keep the gold as it was actually worn during their lifetime. When you have actual wedding bands from parents, grandparents, or a spouse, Thollot has a number of ways to incoporate the actual band into a piece of jewelry that can be worn as a pendant and kept close to the heart.

The images below show jewelry that was made from wedding bands. Some of the bands were left in the original condition...others were rolled and formed into commemorative hearts, bars, crosses, and symbols. Some incorporate the diamonds from an engagement ring. The one element that all of these pieces have in common is that they were fabricated from the actual wedding band of a loved one. 

Choose one of our designs or use them as inspiration for your own design....whatever your desire, Thollot Master Jewelers will be there to make them into reality.

“Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love,

the things you are, the things you never want to lose”

– from The Wonder Years